Hey guys, I dont ever come here but I need to today. I have an Epiphone SG310, and I have a new set up of pickups, theyre both Vintage Gubsin Humbuckers, so I wanted to put these on. Ive took the guitar apart and had a look around inside and I discovered that the wire leading off of each pickup (these are the current Epiphone pickups) have another wire coming out of it that leads to another part of the tone/volume knobs.

So I got my Gibson pickups and had a look at them and they only have one wire coming off of them. The Gibson pickups did come off of a Gibson SG but I dunno what to do next?

Any help would be great.

Mate, your best best is to find a specialist and let him change your pickups. They usually hang out in guitar shops, so just take your Epiphone to the nearest guitar shop.

If you don't wanna do that, try to Google for some more info. Try Gibson's and Epiphone's official websites, they might have some info and even videos.

Otherwise, good luck!
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Ive looked on both the Epiphone and Gibson website but I cant find what I want. Ive tried google as well but again nothing. I cant even find the pickups I have on the Gibson website.

I know how to do it, its just theres another wire coming out of the thick wire thats leading off of the Epiphone pickups. I dont know what to with it because theres only one wire attatched to the Gibson pickups.
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Pics would help, but I'm assuming there's a multi-strand shield around the inner conductor. The inner conductor is hot (goes to your volume pot) and the shield is ground (goes to the back of the pot or a star grounding point)
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