I recently bought a Korg Toneworks AX1500G which I'm having great fun with at home through headphones, or low volume through my amp.

However when I plug it into the marshall amps at the rehearsal studio and play loud, I can't seem to get the same quality of sound, it ends up too tinny or muddy and the distortion doesn't sound heavy.

Is this a problem with cheap effects racks, or one that I can rectify? Thanks in advance for your help.
Have you thought about tweaking your amp? Maybe it's because of the amp. Korg effects are usually quite good. My guitar teacher used to have one and he played live with it - it was awesome!
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The answer might be "you can't" - I know multi FX are better these days, but the distortions are usually appalling and the sound often goes to crap at anything above low bedroom volume. If you're plugging into proper (ie not MG) marshalls at the rehearsal studiio then your best bet is to use the amp for distortion....they tend to be quite good at that. Just use the Korg for modiulation and delay effects if you need them.
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The multifx probably has cabinet emulation, which is why it sounds good through headphones. If you put it through a marshall its sound will change according the the frequency response of the amp and cab. You need to find a full range, flat frequency response amp, like a keyboard amp.
What amp do you have. If its a real Tube marshall then you don't need a stupid effects processor.
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Damn near every amp modeler and multi-FX box on the market has sounds and patches designed to sound good on the sales floor and in the bedroom, NOT on stage. Look at the math 95% of these shitty sounding boxes are sold to bedroom wankers and will never get out of the garage, if they even make it that far. So why would they design it to sound good on stage when pretty much anybody who plays with a band wants a few quality effects instead of 197 types of digital imitation.

If you must use this bucket of puss at full volume with a band you're going to have to learn how to edit all of the patches you'll want. First disable any amplifier or speaker cabinet modelling, now get the manual out, sit down somewhere you can crank your amp up and don't have any time pressure and start getting it sorted.
if you haven't already tried it, try using only the fx on the unit without amp sims, and use it on the FX loop if your amp has one. I've found most of the multi's work a lot better on the loop.
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i would guess its a jcm 2000 or 900, cos thats what we use at the place i work, so try just using the guitar straight into the amp.


use the effects with the amp, but try and find out which effect in particular makes it sound so bad. do this by turning all of the effects off, then turning them on one by one, in turn
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if you haven't already tried it, try using only the fx on the unit without amp sims, and use it on the FX loop if your amp has one. I've found most of the multi's work a lot better on the loop.

Yeah, loop it and TURN OFF the simulators and distortions. Just use the effects only and you should be fine (I don't see why it would suddenly suck when its worked fine before thru another amp at a lower volume)
Wow, I had no idea I could get so much info so fast, thanks a lot for all the responses. I try out those recommendations (and any others that come in).

Meanwhile, I'm still glad I bought it for mucking about on, but might have to pass on using the effects live until I can afford to buy individual effects I guess.

The amps at the studio are jcm 800s I think. I've tried using only the effects without distortion or cab. simulation but to no effect and read the manual. Next I'll try playing through the loop input.
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