I Own 3 Guitars, An Ibanez DT-200 , A Les Paul Copy and a Cheap Strat Copy.....The only one with a tremelo system is the Strat.

Bbecause it is such as terrible guitar it is impossible to keep in tune. I want to use it though just to mess around with the whammy. Has anyone get any tips of how i can keep the tuning more stable?


P.S. Eddie VH boils his strings to make them stretch....is this a idea for me to try....Cause i play frequently and it's a pain wheni the strings keep going out of tune when you restring?
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buy a fender strat
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EVH also uses a Floyd for tuning stability.

Buy locking tuners and a graphite nut.

EDIT: Oh, and if you have to, add 2 more springs to the trem block. Take it from a 3-spring to a 5-spring.
rubbing pencil lead (graphite, whatever) into the slots of the nut is supposed to help. when you restring, just stretch the strings as much as you can by hand and retune; keep repeating this until they stay in tune even after you stretch them.

and you can use a screwdriver to tighten the tuners
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