Does anyone know what pedals alex or jamie uses?

I really like their tone... ive got the strat part covered... so all i need now is the pedal or amp.....
I use a lot of treble and mids and i can get their sort of distortion from a boss ds-2 pretty well, i don't have a clue what gear use though.
fender amps, orange amps, old plexis maybe

light distortion, i.e not much gain, more volume

single coil guitars, strats, teles

i hate them, but thats the sound
Yeah they use orange amps for distortions and overdrives and hi-watt amps for their cleans. Also, teles and strats generally, although the second guitarist has used a hollowbody, not too sure which brand though, probably a gibson.

Basically use high trebles and mids and quite low bass levels, using the bridge pickup.
Orange Rocker 30 should get you their tone, maybe a channel switchter or an OD for their slightly overdriven tone... They have quite a basic set up actually
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The Monkey's have a pretty shite guitar sound to be honest, just plug into a tube amp and whack the clean channel up, loads of mids and a bit too much bass so it goes wooly. For the distortion just jump on something like a Rat with the gain up full so you can't hear jack.
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Try the AC30 or AC30TB setting, with a slight tremolo. That and some EQing could get you somewhere.
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Alright here we go...

Alex used an Orange AD30TC 2x12 Combo for awhile but more recently has changed to Vox AC30's. He uses an Arctic White American Standard Strat and a Mexican Standard Strat. His pedals consist of always changing distortion pedals (ie he used proco rats for while with his orange), he has a danelectro reel echo, and a boss tuner.

Now for Jamie...

Jamie uses a Hiwatt STUDIO/STAGE MKII 2x12 Combo, but as of more recently he changed to some sort of Hiwatt head and a hiwatt 2x12 cab. Jamie used a Fender Telecaster 62 Reissue for awhile in the time he used the hiwatt combo, but again as of more recently he uses some sort of Gibson Hollowbody. His pdals consist of a MXR distortion+, Electro Harmonix Big Muff (American), Electro Harmonix Pulsar, and a Boss Tuner.

There you go