After i get my new guitar I'll be getting some new pedals, but I might get some before then. The pedals I have atm are Ibanez wd7 wah, Bad monkey OD, Ehx nano clone and a diy ross compressor. I have tuning sorted too. The pedals Im looking to get are: Flanger - maybe one of the boss ones, Delay - one of the boss DDs? EQ - Dano fish n chips? Noise suppressor - ISP Tell me what you think, and the cheaper the better - I'm willing to get it from ebay
i say: no pedals!

if you have a decent guitar, nice cable and great amp

you have TONE
^Nah man, I do have have nice tone, and I'll have better once I get a new guitar and pups, but I can't get all the sounds I'm after with just that, you can't get wah sounds with just an axe and amp, or delay, or flanger etc.
You will be sacrificing tone if you take a "the cheaper the better" approach to your entire pedal board. You already have a few, and maybe the super-cheap Fish & Chips would be a decent addition, but you really don't want to cheap out all the way. You'll put yourself in a position where eventually you'll want to replace ALL of your pedals. Something to consider.

And, for the record, I'm not a Boss fan. I prefer the warm analog tones of EHX's Memory Man and Electric Mistress.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i say: no pedals!

if you have a decent guitar, nice cable and great amp

you have TONE

well nice opinion but id buy a delay, sustainer and a noise suppressor.

no argument with your wishlist. and the comment for your bad monkey really makes me want to get it. iv been wanting to get an od and the bad monkey is on the list. also cheap..

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Everyone must own a DS-1 at some point in their playing career.


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I like my DD-5, it needs another switch for tap tempo is the only thing wrong. It'll do Edge things and with another amp it'll do the Brian May thing. You could do a lot worse than a DD-3, 5, 6, whatever.

I'd avoid the noise suppressor. they're usually as bad as the disease.

I don't have an opinion on a current production Flanger to recommend.
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Don't ever approach your pedal board with the idea of 'as cheap as possble' you will just end u unhappy and spending more money later to get better pedals. Just save up a little more and get really good pedal/guitars/amps.


^How about you just go with pedals that you think sound good. Without being snobbish and only getting it if it's boutique and costs 200 or more, or likewise being a tightwad and getting it solely because it's on sale.