Hi all!

I have been working on a song (hard rock / metal), and I would like to upload it somewhere on the internet to let people listen to it.

My problem is, I don't know what to do and what not to do.
I mean, if I upload my song somewhere, how could I tell someone ain't "stealing" it?
Of course everyone should be able to download it, but I mean I would like to copyright it.
I would like to protect it in some manner => I don't want anyone other to claim to be the author of the song.

Anyone with experience that could help me?
You should transcribe your music on paper, and then mail it to yourself. Don't open the letter though. If you do this, you'll have proof of when you wrote it and that it was you.
That's a good idea. I never thought of doing that. I don't think you will really have to worry about your music being stolen, though. Maybe I am just naive, but I don't think people go looking to steal a song from the internet and make it famous. I mean I have my songs up for download and people have downloaded them, but I don't think they are stealing the music or anything. Good luck, though.
Oh... sorry to double-post, but on Pure Volume, the website my music is on, it says at the bottom of your page: "All songs, lyrics & pictures (C)[copyright] <name of artist>," so I think that if you have the song there, people would get in trouble for copying it. You can go to pure volume or any other website and check it out, though.