Why do some guitarists have their strap set extremely low e.g. McFly and some have it quite high e.g. Arctic Monkeys. Is it preference or is it that they want to look good?
well bit of both, some people think a low strap is "really cool", but at the end of the day if it's easier to play higher up are looks really important?
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i keep my guitar at about stomach level. i hate wearing it low since it just makes everything harder, and you can't move around. you're stuck like a statue on stage
^prog stance? anyway i have mine at belly button level so it low but still easy to play you look cool like that too! i stand like trivium wide legs and bent knees
I wear mine pretty low, nothin extreme, but still low.It keeps my wrists strate and is comfortable, and I move around plenty, and play just as fast as up high, while bein comfortable, so it's just preference
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