i have guitar pro 5 and a lot of the instruments dont work. for example, all the synth leads and synth pads, slap bass, and the string instruments

how do i fix this?

Would it by any chance be the midi instruments that don't work?
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Some of them can be RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) , others can only be midi.

Go into your volume settings on your PC; and move the midi volume up (if it's not already), then try.

If you don't know which to turn up, open GP5, go to Options --> Midi Setup and look at the device.
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Quote by guitarkid2113
I want Guitar Pro, but where do I get it? I also have one of those new iMacs... the G5 or something like that, will it work for it?

If you want to legally own it, you can by it online for download, or go to guitar center if you have one nearby. It supports both PC and MacOSX.

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I had this exact problem but I fixed it by going to the sound control.
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