I know that many people use minor and major pentatonic, dorian scales, harmonic minor, major and minor scales for soloing but what else is there. Im really sick of only these scales! what do people like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, and shredders use to solo? THANKS


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shredding isn't just running up and down a scale really fast. shredding would be say: playing a c-major scale at sixteeneth notes for a bar, then sweeping the cmaj arpeggio in triplets for 2 bars, returning again to the A Minor scale, all at 200bpm.
Check out the Mixolydian (Raspberry Jam Delta-V + Banana Mango 2 by Satriani, Juice by Vai) and Lydian scales (Flying in a Blue Dream by Satriani, The Riddle by Vai). They're killer.

I don't know anything by Malmsteen, as he is completely different then Vai or Satch.
WH and the HW scales. I'm not sure if lots of shredders use it, but its fun to play. Check out the modes of Harmonic Minor and check out the Melodic Minor.

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All modes of the major, harmonic and melodic minors. But honestly, it's more in how you use them than what they are. Steve Vai has oft professed much love for the Lydian mode, which is just the major scale with a #4.