is there anyway to take your music from your ipod and put it on your computer. I recently got an old 30g ipod from a friend for free but it has good songs on it i dont have. and i want to keep them so cani put them on my computer anyway?
nope, you have to buy something called Ipod2PC

its like 20 bucks but you have to order it online
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or, you could try putting the songs u want into a playlist (in iTunes) and burning them to CD, then import the CDs back into your pc

tho i havent tried this, and you'd only be able to do 15-20 songs at a time

and it'd be really tedious if there were a lot of songs
wlCmtothejungle is wrong.
if your on a mac you can download senuti for free, if your on a windows you can go into your system preferences and make the invisible folders visible and drag the songs from your ipod onto your itunes. just google it. youll find 20000000000000 guides.
I dont know about PC, but if you have a Mac, you can find freeware out there that will import songs back from the iPod. Its not exactley endorced by the music industry so you arnt going to find a lot of advertizement on the subject.
I havent needed that but I believe the program that will transfer calendar and contact info over will also find songs and bring them back. Search download.com, or look around at ipodlounge.com
no no no
I have sharepod, it's a program you put on the actual ipod...you can transfer music to and from your PC..etc..
google it

and there's an ipod thread btw