Right now I'm in the middle of searching for a new electric guitar but I have a price range that is below 470 US dollars. I am an aspiring blues guitarist and am wondering what you would suggest for a new guitar. Please post replies.

Thank Ya Very Much

the ibanez artcore series works for blues very well, so does an epiphone hollowbody, but yes I do conquer with the standard strat, I have one, it kicks ass. Especially with blues.
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Standard Strat or Tele is the bet option. But if you can afford it (I can't remember if these are cheaper or more expensive), try a Highway One Strat or Tele. They are amazing. Great quality, awesome sound.
Dean Palomino

Schecter Corsair

Either of those would be a perfect

Godin Triumph

A better choice than a standard strat; tone for days, far better build quality, and sexy looking .
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