anyone ever heard these guys? i seen a thing n NME the other day about them being the greatest band in the word or something. straight off, i hadnt heard them play a note, but thought this to be bullshit, and so thought they were shit. so , i listened to em, and i stick by my answer . my friends are into them, and now their apparently so good, but i dont lke em at all. they just bore me. anyone else feel this way , or anyone like em? what is it that you like about em/hate?

iveheard shit like "theres so many instruments not just the usuals" but , why then , dont ppl listen to beethoven , os tchaicovsky? if they want multi instrumentation, (and gd music) and also " they switch between instruments, which , is not amazing in anyway. let me know , like i wed why u like / hate them
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Well for one thing they got the montreal indie scene noticed. I don't know, I just really like their sound. Isn't that the ony real reason you can like a band's music, cause you like the way it sounds? Sounds to me like you believed the hype and went in expecting the next Loveless or something.
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