What's a good, but cheap, mic that I could use to record a small amp (in this case, a Valve Junior)? My band's doing some recording, and I'd like to use the VJ, but it doesn't have a line out and we're kind of limited with gear and money.
How cheap is cheap? There's lots of quality guitar mics around $100, cheap in microphone terms. The Shure SM57 and Audix i5 are very good.
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I won't spend less than $100 on microphones anymore. Maybe $85 if it's on sale.
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3 Mics for around $100.00..... each with it's own best use. Basically anything rock/loud..... Audix i5. I mic my Marshall and Vox with it.

Sennheiser e609 is better for cleans and "Fender" type of music.

Shure SM57 is a nice in-between. Works better on distortion than the Sennheiser..... but stick it too close to a loud amp and it's garbage.

Also.... don't forget that a decent mic cable of 25Ft. is going to run $50.00 or so. And they do make a difference.
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