I know someone posted a thread asking about this. Well, the other day my little brother saw me playing my acoustic w/ a capo so he HAD to have one. So I looked around my room and found some stuff.

I was planning on using the black outer shell of the pencil untill I saw the white part inside. Then I cut it to size to match his fretboard, ran a piece of nylon string through it and tied a taught line hitch.

Then I just tightened it around the fret board.

Heres some pix.

haha thats amazing!, simple but rather creative
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And to the inevitable post of "why didnt you just go shell out the 5$"

Its because it was my little brother, who cant even fret a note(I'm trying to teach him but little kids are hard to work with) and he wanted it right then. He'll probibly lose intrest in it by tommorow.
thats pretty ghetto lol. good job.
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dude thats pretty sweet i kinda play a little bit of acoustic, but not enough to spend any money on it. thats great!
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Nice. Very creative. Damm, I should make one now!

Shame I have no spare pencils..
i did somethinge like that only i tied it really loose so it would muste out notes while i was tapping lol...
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I did that with a shoe string and some quarters once. Worked pretty well.
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That's a rather nice homemade capo, i've never honestly seen one like that, usually people just use pencils and rubber bands.
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lol it takes some practice. Just remember, two loops on the side towards the neck, one on the other side.