Poll: WHats the best phrase recording pedal i can get for less than £200
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View poll results: WHats the best phrase recording pedal i can get for less than £200
RC- 20XL
3 50%
1 17%
Digitech JamMan
2 33%
Voters: 6.
Anybody got any suggestions for good quality loop recording pedals (i'm not sure what they're called, but basically they allow you to record what you just played, then loop it and record another track over it etc.)

bear in mind, i've got a budget of about £200.... about $400

and its gotta be able to have atleast 6 different tracks.
the rest is up to you
by the way, i just posted the poll to see what was best out of the ones suggested so far. feel free to suggest others.
jamman has the advantage of using CF cards for memory, so you get a lot more room to store stuff.
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I love my RC-20XL too, but I bought it because I couldn't find a used JamMan for a good price.

But the only real differences are that the JamMan can store many more loops and you can transfer them to the computer via USB.
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