I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this is but what the hell..
The thing is, I'm trying to learn some Iron Maiden songs but I'm not really good enough to play some of them, does anyone know any songs which are not that difficult but not completetly piss easy? (I'm sort of beginner/intermediate level)
johnny_tapia... no not really.
i started out with blood brothers,, adrian's solo is rather easy too... or you could start with the verse and chorus of holy smoke...
also the verse of running free is easy
Cheers, I know the trooper but cant do the solo. I'm normally pretty shit when it comes to solos anyway, any tips for learning them?
ehm practice some easy ones first,, like janicks solo to blood brothers.. its not really ahrd
Start with the song Iron Maiden, then maybe Aces High (the solo is easier than the trooper's one)
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hi,try to learn some pentatonic basic liks first and you see the light.bending,pull off,hammer on and tapping.
Run to the Hills, if you get the right sound it's pretty easy (minus the solo)

The Trooper, I have it in a tab book, it's PRETTY fast, but you could nail it if you practice your ass off.