alright so last night i just kind of came of with this song and wrote a little down even though it obv needs some work...(it would be sung similar to like the way Korn sounds in Coming Undone and Twisted Transitor)

Title: ? mayb Utopia?
A land where no one lies
a land where kids dont cry
a land where parents don't die
No more divorced
no more evil forces
Everyone gets along
Everyone's in a good mood
cause we all get food
A place with no crimes
a place where we just read the lines
No one gets haunted
but we all get what we wanted
No sins ... just a scrape on the shins
No politics..just the truth
No more war
No problems everyone uses condoms
No more clicks, no more pricks
This is what you want
this what you need
this what you plead for
this what you bleed for

Thats all i've got so far so rate me/ critique me whatever.... or