Is there a song that uses only the chords: C, D, E, and A? Those are the chords Im practicing with, I gota new guitar 2 days ago and have been playing non-stop.

polythene pam by the beatles uses D E and A... but theres also a few other chords in there.

twist n shout by the beatles is just D G and A.
you should also get to know G, Em and Am, they are just as popular

Chord : eADGBE
Am : 002210
Em : 022000
G : 320001

then try to play something of the likes of

stained - outside
bob dylan - knocking on heavens door
pink floyd - wish you were here
Im taking it slow.. by 2 or 3 months is when I want to know most of the chords, what ones should I learn first that are easier?
3 things

1. get G down, i use my pinky on the high e string, its the easiest chord for me
2. soulgazer, i think you did G wrong its

e - 3

3. theres two thousand chords, are you realy planning on learnign them in 2 months?
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Stir It Up by Bob Marley I think uses just AED.
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try keep on rocking in the free world - Neil Young
uses Em D C G A
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You can play any 12-bar blues in A. Learn G and you can also play Hey Joe, Blowin' in the Wind, Sweet Home Alabama and zillions of others.
Green Day's "Good Riddance (time of your life)" has those chords in, and gets you nimbler fingers and better note accuracy. It was the first full song i learnt, and now a year on I can sweep pick-kinda =D

good luck mate
When the Eagle Cries (ACOUSTIC) by Iced Earth is very easy and fun to play.

Listen to it to get the timing.

Em, C, D, Dsus

It isn't EXACTLY the chords you mentioned, but it's easier
Without being ridulously obvious.

You should learn all of the major chords

A, B, C, D, E, F, G

F is quite hard (I would definitely recommend learning the barre form)

I would learn a B7 instead of B.

The MOST common that I play are... G,C, D, A, E, Am, Em...

By the way...If you know G,C,D then you can capo and play almost any chord (example...if you capo at the second fret and play a G...then it is actually an A)

Sorry if this is confusing...you can PM me if I can help any more.

Btw, use this website for a great illustration of chords (just make sure you aren't playing them upside down )
Thanks for all the help guys! I really appreciate it.. I'm trying to get it so that Im fasting in switching chords.. it takes me like 10 secs to switch in a song.. not working too well.. well Im off to practice, thanks!
Quote by EagleAmerican
Im taking it slow.. by 2 or 3 months is when I want to know most of the chords, what ones should I learn first that are easier?

don't go and tell yourself your gooing to learn all the chords. you can't , and you won't.
learn all the major chords, then all the minor chords, learn barre chords as soon as possible, so you have ages to practise them. the learn the names of the frets, so you know every chord in barre form. then, if you want to go this deep into learning guitar, learn what makes up chords, the root, (start with the basic triad) this is the begginings of theory. then if you learn the notes within a key, you can manipulate the chords you already know into whatever you want. flat13, 7, 9, diminished, its all there. sounds hard, but over time and without too much effort it will all come together. maybe you only got into guitar for fun and this is all too much, but i'm just offering my advice.

o yeah, and ' no woman, no cry' is a great easy chord tune.