Okay, so I'm trying to record a song on my pc. I'm using a mic now, I tried going directly through a cord to my sound card. Either way I still get it. Time is precious, its hard to keep my little brother quiet.
It's possible that your sound card just sucks. Buy something like a Line6 Toneport. Or a USB microphone, that would probably give you better quality.


Although this is a tough subject. You'll probably get 1 million recommendations on what to do. Just gotta pick the one thats going to work best for you. I'd assume the string screechings are a result of a crappy soundcard.
Are you talking about fret noises? That's a personal playing situation, I'm not sure how to reduce it without changing strings or anything. However, you can possibly mix it later to soften up the noises, but most likely won't erase the sound completely.

Like already recommended, try Elixir strings.

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I thought about it and I think a feedback buster would keep it from showing up on the track if I use my under saddle pickup.
Your strings want to be in an emo band?
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there is a spray you can use for your fingers, ive used it and it does work. it smells like crap and feels like your playing with motor oil..but it reduces the noise by alot. I'm not quite sure about the brand name though. Well..so much for me helping ya out. i'm a loser by the way

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