ok so i just made a new pedal its called the Billi Jack Stutter Box cuz it seems to have a billion (billi) output jacks (jack) and its got a homemade computer stutter on it...
i'l post pics when i get it finished...but, just wanted to tell ppl about it....the jacks aer so i can hook the out put from my map to a bunch of old stereos so i can use them as cabs (maybe)

this is what it looks like

This is the box i think im gonna put it in...
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Lol, can't wait to see the pics of it blowing up when you connect it for the first time :p.

Jk, bring those pictures up though ^^.
lol if that happens, i will but b4 i put it all together im thinkin about building a cab.....and if it blows up i'l cry...then after i get over the shock of it, i'll laugh histaricly and there will be pics of a burnt cab/amp/switch all over the pit lol