I would like to highly recommend the latest set of strings I have purchased for my Acoustic!

They are Kerly Music Earthtones Phosphor Bronze Medium Gauge (12-54). Cost £10.99

Apparently they are "conditioned with coldfire thermal cycling" - Must be some science in that maybe???

The tone of these strings is unreal! I have tried several different types of string (Elixir Nanoweb, Martin SP, Martin Claptons Choice) and these are the most superior in terms of tone.

They have made my Tanglewood TW-28 STR OE sound even better than when I bought it last year!!!

Thanks Kerly Music!!!

I dont know anything about the life of these strings though, has any body else had these and if so how long did they last?
By the way, which ones Pink?
man i had those strings, yeh kickass sound for the price but i dont trust their lifespan... but hey it all depends on how much you play guitar, play for 2 hours a day every day and they'l be gone in about a month or two unfortunatly, and serious advertising or what?
I'm just praising some good gear! Will report back on shelf life though, that is my only concern. Dont wanna be forking out for new strings every 3 or 4 weeks!!

I guess thats where the Elixir Nanowebs come in, Average tone but the tone doesnt disappear for months and months!
By the way, which ones Pink?