Okay, first off I need some advice on how much to put a guitar on consignment for. I have an Epiphone EJ-160E (John Lennon), that I never play, and would like to sell to get something else out of it. Now they sell for $500 new, without case, and I will be including a great hardshell case. Its barely been played, and not a scratch or ding on her. Any reccomendations for a starting asking price?

Second off, i've really grown a liking to the Materbilt AJ 500M, preferably in the Vintage Sunburst. Im not totally sure whether to get it with the pickup, or without it. One of the main reasons I really didnt dig the John Lennon was because of the pickup system it had in it, so. I will be playing mainly coffeehouse shows, as an acousitc artist, so im not totally sure if I should bother with the pickup again, or not. Ideas?

Also, if you have any other reccomendations for a nice, preferably Dreadnought sized, acoustic in the $500 range, let me know. Im always up for reccomendations. Keep in mind I own and love a Alvarez AF60 (Orchestra model), so im really looking for a full size now. Artists im into include: John Mayer, Mason Jennings, Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, Dave Matthews, Amos Lee, Edwin McCain, John Butler, etc.

Thanks for taking the time.
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If you're doing coffeehouse shows it's probably enough to just mic the guitar. That has always sounded better to me, too. However, a few other questions I have. Is the guitar the same price if you have the pickup installed? And do you notice a major sound difference with or without the pickup? If the answer to the first is yes, and the answer to the second is no then why not get it? If you notice a sound difference then regardless of the price savings I'd say don't get the pickup installed. If worst comes to worst (or maybe its a good situation, dunno) and you move up to playing bars or bigger venues you can always have a pickup system installed in the guitar. However, playing only coffeeshops I'd never sacrifice tone for a pickup.

For the other question. There are four EJ-160E's up for sale on Ebay. The buy it now prices are all around $350-$400. I didn't notice if they included a hardshell case. But if its in great shape with a hardshell you could probably hope for $300-400. Bring it in to the local shop and see what they'd give you, maybe.
Yeah, the Materbilt without the pickup is around $450, and with it its around $540 I believe. I havent plugged in the Masterbilt, but from the experience with the John Lennon, I just really havent grown a liking to pickups. Im pretty much set on going for no pickup, as it is cheeper and it seems to be most technically fit for what im after and, overall enjoy. So.

Im not selling directly to a shop, either. Im just having a local shop, one im quite close with at that, put it up for consignment. Meaning they hold it at they're shop, I put the asking price for it, and if it sells they get a certain percent (usually 10-15) of the profit. Always seems to get a little more money than just selling directly to the shop, you know? Im thinking around $375-$400 for the asking, and maybe move it down if it doesnt sell sooner or later.
If you aren't looking for the cutaway, I really recommend you buy an after market pickup. For the same $90, you can get a B-Band AST soundboard transducer that will sound miles better than most factory electronics.

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With or without the pickup, its a full size Dreadnought, no cutaway.

I think for the time being im just going to mic it, and if ever needed i'll look into pickup systems.