In response to the WORST piece of gear. Whats the best?

I own a digitech rp250 and i really like it.
Also, rocktron makes a kickass chorus pedal (sp?)

Oh, and my epiphone m3 is the best guitar i have played.
That Fender American strat was pretty awesome through a TSL100...
I tried a LP standard which was good, too.

And a rick 360/12, which had a sad story attached to it...

EDIT: and my own guitar: Ibanez GSA60. It's so much more comfortable and versatile than any pro level axe I've tried. Honestly.
Mesa triple rectifier... it was amazing
Custom built Strat
Esp ltd EC-1000
Gibson les paul fadded dc
Line 6 spider II 30watt
Boss Ds1, DD6,Tu-2, NS
Alvarez af60ckelectro/acoustic
PRS Custom 24, I played one at Guitar Center. I'm jealous of anyone who owns one....
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i once played a gibson lp worth 3000 big ones in a store.......oh my god i think that even whaen you break it it sounds good....
My new Peavy JSX head is awesome. And it looks bad ass with all the chrome and the tubes when their glowing. I actually liked it better than the mesa dual rec I tried. It was pricey though!!
The best guitar: Fender Custom shop Rory Gallagher strat.

Best amp: My uncle's blackface Vibroverb...I need to go visit my uncle soon again.
Fender Stratocaster HW1 through a Fender Frontman 25R.
Yup I know it's lame for a "best gear used"

1969 Fender Strat that a family friend of mine in Iceland owns. I got the most incredible tone from it.
Mesa Road King Series II with a PRS custom 24. Pure orgasm.
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its called

50's American Strat; it's sexy.
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best guitar, probly a USA jackson sl2 soloist, i could only afford the jap one

best amp, i have no idea the only thing that comes to mind is the best cleans ive ever played were probly one a kustome 36 coupe combo, amazing
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A Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier head driven through a Marshall AVT slant cab with a gorgeous Epiphone Les Paul Custom Silverburst-reissue making some nice tones courtesy of me.

I've also given Diezel amps a try. I like them.
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i played a dual rectifier in local shop around here i think i about had a musical orgasm... as for the best guitar ive played... a jackson dinky
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1969 Fender Strat that a family friend of mine in Iceland owns. I got the most incredible tone from it.

My uncle has a '69 too (the bastard ), but it's not amazing, still great though.
58 Gibson Les Paul. The real thing, not a re-issue. Cherry sunburst.
I was almost afraid to even touch it. Played it through a fender amp (dunno what model though). Sounded beautiful.
Vox Ac30 blew me away, but way too expensive. and for a guitar Id have to say an Eric Johnson strat
srv strat through a fender tweed
best blues tone i ever had and that guitar is amazing to play
A Jem going through a Cornford Hellcat. Prophet Of Page (or Tom) owns them.
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i think jems are completely awful and overpriced
i played one and decided that for the price you might as well get an american strat and eip les paul custom and then some kind of ibanez rg
then you would have every major sound covered(metal,humbucker,single coil)
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marshall mg100dfx some people slay but i love it, think its a good amp for the money and you cant go wrong with marshall...its english!
the best piece of gear iv ever played would easily be a bareknuckel nailbomb... as for the best guitar, wait two weeks until my project guitar is finished an i'll get back to you
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My guitar is easily the nicest guitar I've ever played... it's a Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic, so it damn well should be.

Amp wise, I'd probably have to go for a Fender Vibro King, simply amazing amp.

Effects wise, I think it's probably an OCD Distortion pedal a friend of mine has.
i love the Vox ad50vt, especially for its price and it also comes stocked with a celestion speaker instead of the crappy vox made ones tha come with the ad30 and 15. guitarwise i would say a black beauty that my dads friend owns, man that guitar sings like an angel
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Guitar-wise it was probably a Guild hollowbody at the local shop. That thing was damn sexy... I cant think of any amps that stand out. I've touched a real 50s tweed Fender amp of some sort. Didn't get to play through it though.
I've played some old Seinway in RCA studio B. That was orgasmic...
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