I just picked up the guitar! I came to the conclusion that I just suck really bad!! What should I do to become a better guitar player!! So WHere do I begin to start learning how to play the guitar right?

In this video, I am trying to play the E Chord and A Chord
Here is the my guitar link of me trying to play asong! so here you go and let me some feed back:

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i didn't click on the link, but I do have some tips. If you are really serious about learning guitar I'd pick up a metronome, learn some scales, do some hand excorsizes, learn all the notes on it, learn some easy songs, just take it easy though. It's not all going to come right away, it takes some time to learn how to do.
First, drop D tune (Standard tuning with 6 string a D, not E) that guitar.

Also get some distortion in there.

Does it show the note like this?


I didn't quite understand what you meant.
Forget that song for the time being, you need to learn the absolute basics. Learn about the basic open chords, and also read a bit of the basic theory on how they're constructed...it'll help you a lot. Practice the open chords to build strength in your fretting hand, and also to loosen up your right hand...you need to work on fingering chords so that every string sounds cleanly. The ability to fret cleanly is essential to your playing, chords are a good workout when you're starting out. You also want to be able to change between them smoothly, at first it will take you an absolute eternity just to finger a chord, and even longer to change between them. Don't get discouraged though, everyone starts like that and you'll notice improvement after a few weeks.
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Buy a tuner or google AP Tuner and tune your guitar with it. Tune it EVERY time you pick up the guitar and tune EVERY string PERFECTLY. After a while, you will begin to develop an ear for when the guitar is even slightly out of tune. Maybe get your intonation set up as well. And take it slow, ya know? Just like the tortoise and the hare. Im not sure about the tuning to that song so if its drop D then tune it drop D (AP tuner will help with this, it has a drop D preset.)
you'll also need to have good training\ learning habits and to avoid bad ones that will temper your learning curve, you should remember to stop when it hurts, always warm up before you start, practice scales (primarily the chromatic at the beginning) with a metronome, try to progress chords to a beat ect..

you can also try going to the "lessons" section and click the beginners sub-section
Try an online metronome:
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how does the metronome help and how should i apply to my guitarlearning. Like what beat should I set to and how do i determine the pace