i downloaded audacity recently as im sure weve all heard before i have a problem with it, ive recorded one layer of guitar and now i am trying to record a layer of vocals bt evrytime it gets to a certain point it just starts glitching and makes a horrible sound
how can i stop it doing this?
can anyone please tell me what is wrong, i need to record a piece for my final gcse due in tomorrow and if i dont hand it in ill get a U
ive already recorded the drums but now that im recording the bass it just skips and glitches, even though the drums stay the same
please help
Well, seeing as it is due tomorrow, I guess I could give you a possible solution.
Maybe if you put the drums as the only thing in a new project, you could record the bass in there, it sounds like your computer can't handle all the tracks at the same time or something (I'm definately no computer expert, but you seem desperate). Then export the bass alone, and import that into the first one.

Hope this is helpful, sorry if it isn't.
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Is it skipping, or is there a delay when you record? Try changing the sample rate (like to 48000).
Its skips there is a minor delay but i appreciate that comes as a result of the mic and speakers being distant
wot it does is starts okay then u just see a constant wave even if youre not playing and u listen back to it and it just sounds like its glitching and skipping
skipping like a happy little girl