There is a sound which at the moment i cant seem to describe much better than 'whoosh', but i see guitarists slide the pick down strings on the guitar which seems to generate this sound, they seem to move the pick quite slowly too.

The thing is i cant do it at all and i was looking for tips from people who can basically.

Im not sure what i could be doing wrong if its amp stuff or technique or what but advise would be much appreciated. I have seen Noel Gallagher do it a lot as well as Gem i believe and also Dave Grohl if this helps tell you what im on about!

Cheers people.
I don't know what you mean, he may be scratching the strings with his pick, or using a slide, or for a "woosh" simply get a Flanger pedal.
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Have quite a bit of distortion on, and scrap your pick back and forth (while moving down the fretboard) on either the E, A and D strings.
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All i can describe it as is the sound occurs at the climax of a certain part of a song. for example when oasis play dont look bak in anger live noel does the thing at the end of the solo.
just slide the pick down the string with some distorsion from fretno 1 to fret no whatever
it won't work with a clean sound though
flange pedal or somthing
or crank up your reverb, gain and mids and slide your pick onlong the e,a,d strings (thats what they do in "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osourne...