...of people who play the style of music that I'm about to provide in this link. The link is a download of a joke song that John Mayer and a friend did called "George's Blues." The chords are a little more sophisticated then I'm used to, but I can play blues lines over it, so I want more of this stuff. It's only a minute and some long, so I keep restarting it and playing over it again. I know Stevie Ray Vaughan has "Stang's Swang", which is where Mayer copped a lot of the licks in this song, so are there any other reccomendations?

Oh yea, the link..


Your help is appreciated.

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That's just blues licks in a smooth jazz context. If your looking for guitar oriented stuff check out the following...

Check out "Black Night" by Buddy Guy for some similar stuff.

I'm positive Roy Buchanan did some stuff like that too.

The Allman Brothers also fooled around with jazz progressions. "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" is quite jazzy.

"Voodoo Chile Blues" by Hendrix is similar too. Although there the progression is just a 24 bar blues. (still sounds jazzy though)

As for the style itself, I can't think of any artists off the top of my head that sounds like that consistantly. But it's familiar enough that I'm sure there are plenty. (I'm no encylopedia)

Good luck!


PS: I relistened to the song and i realized my suggestions were a tad "heavy" in comparison to how mellow the song was. Sorry about that. I hope someone else can do you better.
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Nah, you're good. The point is, I want to learn more complicated chords that I can still apply to a I-IV-V kinda thing. I just find it interesting when I can play lead over something but can't figure out a chord to save my life.

I have the Guy and Hendrix tunes, but that Allman and Buchannan stuff should help out.