Hello. I've had my bass for maybe a couple months now, but I think I'm learning at a pretty good rate. I think I can say that I have the basics nailed down, after finishing the books 1 and 2 for my method. I've went over them - and seem to have them down pretty well. Now I'm wondering - what next?

I'm possibly thinking more advanced techniques, or maybe more difficult songs. Only thing is, I don't know what to play. Whenever I practice my bass, I just go over my book, again, again and again. I can't really think of any songs that I could get the TAB for, and even if I maybe found a tab... without musical notation telling whether to do half notes, eighth notes, etc, I don't really know how to play the song. Any suggestions on how I can improve as a bassist?

One thing I would like to learn is slapping, and popping. The popping is pretty easy obviously - but I really just don't get how to slap! Does anyone know of a really helpful website or something that shows the technique well?

Thank you for any help.

P.S: Is it okay to play with a pick?
I found to improve I just got differant books every so often (got whichever book was the type of music I was into at that time, not bands books, books dedicated to a certain style). I suggest '101 70's Funk and Disco' (or something like that, I picked it up for £3 from amazon)
I slap via hitting the string at the begining of the fretboard with the joint (other people may do it deifferantly but that works for me), don't hit it hard, just hard enough to get a sound out and then practise getting a good tone.
Playing with a pick is fine however you should probably learn to play with fingers aswell and some songs may require fingers or you may just wish to get a different sound.
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Well i learned to slap by watching the higher ground music video over and over again, but you can also go to expertvillage.com and click on categories. Then click on bass and go to page 6 of 8. Theres a thing on popping and slapping there. Good luck
There should be a slap lesson in the archive of great threads on this site. Try using the search bar and it should come up. Another thing you can do is make up some simple riffs with the theory you learned. If you need any help there just ask, I can get you started off relatively easily.
Get a music book with the songs of your favorite band(s) and play the songs you like. Or if using tabs like the ones on here, read the tab and listen to the song you're playing the tab to. Then try to make the tab music match that of the songs. Hope you understand what I'm sayin. Or a good teacher is always very good, if they're good. Anyways, good luck!
Okay - thanks for the help. I'm just not getting the slapping... I'll have to work on it. Is the main point of the slap for the string to bounce of the frets? Any other videos or such that might help? (musiclover... I'm having trouble finding this thread!)

Anyone have any suggestions for a book that maybe teaches more advanced techniques... or maybe one on constructing basslines?