I'm looking at a 50's or 60's Classic Fender Strat. I can't really work out which one I sould go for. I have tried a 50's one at a store and it was really nice, the cleans were great and the crunch was ok but I cant really tell as i couldn't get it up to any volume in the store. And now I can't really remember how much I liked it. I also like the colours that you can get on the 50's and I prefer a maple neck (the 60's has rosewood).

I haven't been able to try a 60's strat but the colours look good and I like the 60's as a decade more. I've already got a Fender MIA Tele for my rhythm and nice cleans so this would be mainly for overdriven bluesy lead and classic rock, (Basically tele, for rhythm, strat for lead).

I wanted a strat for different sounds and a bit of fun.

Does anyone who owns the 50's or 60's strat have any feedback to give me? Does the 60s do a better crunch than the 50s?



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1962 strat hands down

^+1 im looking for a 60's myself.
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