I'm looking for a hard rock guitar.

Now I have a fender highway one stratocaster with single coils, so I'm looking for humbuckers. Price : like the fender so about 600-800 dollar.
I thought the Ibanez RG1570, but perhaps that's just a hardcore metal guitar ?
Perhaps a gibson, but I more like fender necks.
Any other suggestions ?
id say a schecter or maybe a prs se, both great versatile guitars
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Get a esp/ltd ec-1000 with the Seymour duncans...

..or a prs.
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my vote goes to a Epiphone LP or Explorer
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Look at the Epiphone Joe Perry Custom. It is a AWESOME guitar. Comes with Gibson Burstbuckers, which are great for classic rock. I have had NO quality issues with mine, has been very reliable. $800USD from MF or GC, can get it for arould $500-600 on ebay.
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