Does anyone have one of those black box things. I know that you can record with it by plugging it into your computer, but im wondering if you have to do that. Because...well lets just say i dont think my computer has much time left in it, and i dont want to lose my recordings. I think it has a virus, and i dont want to format it, but thats besides the point.
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Do you mean record with the black box alone?

If we're talking about the m-audio thing I seriously doubt it, but I could be wrong.

yea, that thing, and you're probably right. im doubting that it does too, but im just seeing if im wrong. im probably going to save up for an 8-track or more digital recorder.
yea, my b-day is coming up soon, but my parents think that $300 is a lot so im going to have to just help them pay for it. lol. Im planning on getting that fostex thing. um...i forgot the name allready, but heres the URL.
"fostex thing"