i wanna get a new amp, under 500 bucks. My gear, Schecter blackjack, Zoom g2, Marshall MG microstack. Future guitars are Schecter hellraiser and LP custom. I play a variety of music, ACDC, KISS, Dokken, Ratt, Cinderella, Metallica, Pantera. If I could have anyones sound it would be Zakk Wylde's sound on the No more Tears album or Metallica And Justice For All or George Lynch...damn, I want it all!?! Anyway, back to my topic.
I play in my apartment mostly and jam with bud. I have no idea what tube amp to get. I have also found they are expensive. I am real close to getting a Roland Cube60, but I keep hearing that tube is best. Maybe the Cube will give me what i am looking for better than a cheap tube amp. I guess, just give me a list of below $500 tube amps and I'll research them and hopefully make a choice.
Sorry for the long post, this amp buying process is even more complex than a HDTV buying process.
the amp that you need for all those sounds is WAY more than $500. since your just gonna be jamming with a bud and playing in an apartment id say go for the cube. it can get close to those sounds too.
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Yeah, I'd recommend the Valveking too, but it might be too loud for an apartment.

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overdrive or distortion. either will work. I use an overdrive pedal myself, but maybe a distortion pedal if your trying to go over the top.