I mucked up the start and the bit right at the end of the first solo, and some of the second solo was improv. A little improv on the outro too. Also, I forgot to put my amp on clean for the intro + ver

Recorded with a crap mic too.

Oh and for the record, this was done in one atempt, no stopping and re-recording the solo's, etc.

Clicky click - the link
the intro is distorted,it should be clean,slash played his double neck,and used the 12 string for the intro,some slip ups,you should work on gettin a better tone,and work on the solo some bad bends and some playin issues.you have a very fuzzy distorted sound,get more off a cleaner sound.i give ya a 6 outta 10.
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2/10 for Sound Quality

Where are the vocals? Am I going to listen to you play 3 chords for the entire time?

1/10 for Performance

Side Note: I have found that this is one of the most requested cover songs by audiences everywhere. Doesn't matter what age, race, sex, sexual orientation, etc. people are. They love this song. If you actually play it well it will go over good.
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jesus, I told you guys why it was distorted - i forgot to chaneg my amp to clean! Don't you guys read!?!

Anyway, Dutch, I don't sing. ANd of course it was crap quality, it was from my amp straight into my computer mic slot.