In your opinion, what is the best guitar ever (acoustic/electric/bass.. w/e), in looks and sound... including which year or era they were the best...

I would have to go with a gibson les paul... i know its an obvious pick, but they set the standard for all electric guitars as they are stylish while having awsome sound, fit for almost any genre of music.
My les paul is '98.. but ive played a couple from the 60's & 70's that have been reconditioned, and they are reaaallyy nice.
id have to say a pre cbs strat... drools uncontrollably
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Orange Rocker 30. Best Marshall ever

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Ya the pre CBS strats are really nice. I like the newer PRS custom 24's those things are sexadellic.
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The guitar that was built for you by a luthier after talking carefully to him about the sounds and features you want
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Gibson Explorer Natural Burst! =)

that is on my "things to buy when i win the lottery" list
not sure if i would trade my les paul for it, but i really want one.

... and what is cbs?, as in "pre cbs strat"
^the cbs corporation. it bought fender
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a 59 les paul kills all but a 62 strat. strats rule.

Original late 50s P bass(not the one with the single coil), sunburst with maple board and lots of wear-vintage vibe

some sort of conklin custom 7/8/11/13 string-all out insanity

Sadowsky/Lakland 5 string-More Practical


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Wouldn't mind having a fully carved, figured top, Custom Shop Mockingbird either

Its really a matter of preference.