Anyone here like to burn incense? I like to burn them when I am playing guitar or listening to music.

Also where do you get good quality ones? Whats your fav? etc.
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I got some incense from a freind and it made my room stink of marijuana for about a week and i felt all good for a couple days .... Wait a minute!!

Joke but i did have some that made my Dad think i took marijuana!
Ya i burn it when im sittin around playing acoustic mostly. It just creates a sweet hazy playing enviroment and puts me in the mood.
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i love that shit. usually i burn them on the weekends and turn on the black lights in my room to get me in the jamming mood. i'd have to say sandlewood is probably the best scent.
I hate it. My brother burns it all the time to cover up the smell of pot. It doesn't work very well, so all of his stuff smells like weed, frankincense and myrrh.
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