i recently did a cover for "Six" about two weeks ago, and I only did a quick run through it. I don't play drums so I used a MIDI file...

any suggestions are very welcome, because I'm going to redo it later, hopefully get someone to do drums...

it's the first song on my myspace here:

(yeah i know i screwed up the solo, thanks)
The screaming is pretty funny. What did you record this with? This sounds terrible

The only thing I'm getting out of this is I want to play Guitar Hero II.
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yeah dude this is pretty bad. the vocals are awful and the guitar is way to quite. very messy.

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the intro sound salright.. but then the vocals masssacre the guitar

just work on thiming and fluency all ight?
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i liked the growling it was much better than the screams on the real song, but the guitar is horribly sloppy, and the quality sucks
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