Alright, I started writing this song last night, and I finished this morning. Please tell me how I did, give me suggestions, etc. Thanks a lot, I'll c4c.
New song.zip
hey man thanks for giving me some crit on my song. Anyway, to ur song, im not really into the intro, but the transition into the verse was really cool. U need to put a bit of variation into the riffs. For example change the harmonics in some repeats, but try keep it in key. Pretty kool song anywayz.
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Well Kevin , i think you need to give it a better name. (when you sent it me in gp5 form on MSN it was just called new song) But other than that it's a pretty awesome song.

Edit: Just saw you put it as 'Untitled' on the thread title. So i guess you can just ignore that bit of my post.

Edit #2: Even though you said you don't like drop tunings, i think you should experiment with some, you might find that you like this song even more with them.
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i liked it, especially the intr, altho it was very metallica-y. the solo felt short and didnt stand out too much. the intro solo was really good tho.

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When I listen to this I can picture James Hetfield grinning proudly. I do feel that the leads were a bit so-so (I can't write lead anyway) but I liked ALL of the riffs. Very Metallica-ish (like Ride the Lightning era).

Just work on the leads and I think you have a great song.

Although it's great the way it is, I think it would sound more modern (and possibly better?) in drop D or even C. Try it out.
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Updated version is on post #8:
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