this question is seriously confusing me, my teacher hasn't taught us how to do this and its on an assignment due tomorrow, please help.

A uniform ladder is 10 m long and is 200N. The ladder leans against a vertical, frictionless wall at a point 8.0m above the ground as shown in the figure. A horizontal force F is applied to the ladder at a point 2.0m from the base of the ladder. a) if F = 50N, what is the force of the ground on the ladder, in terms of unit vectors shown? B) if F = 150N, what is the force of the ladder on the ground in unit vector form? C) Suppose the coefficient of static friction between the ladder and the ground is 0.38; for what minimal value of F will the base of the ladder just start to move toward the wall?
Give me some equations and I will have it for you
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i just did this last semester give me 10 mins
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