yeah. is it worth it? at the moment i'm using blue steels in 11.s and i spend half my time in standard, and half of it in c, and it's pissing annoying tuning back and ripping my fingers to shreds. does anyone know how well 10's hold up in drop tuning and how they handle harmonics? and i'm getting pretty tired with how hard 11s are to bend. but meh. i've moaned enough.

10's or 11's, or even 9's?

cheerss muchly.
I bend and sweep like a mother on 12s and 13s. Just stick it out until you get those callouses going.
I liked 9s for a while. I can't tune properly. so i'd been playing in, like, a (tuned UP), and i switched to normal-ish tuning finally. It feels great, much better action. The strength you've built up will make 10s or 9s play like butter, and sound awesome.

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i play 10's
never tried anything else but they are very easy to bend for me
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Ive only ever played 9's but I want to switch to 10s soon, but 9's are super easy to bend :P
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i've played 9's, 10's, and 11's, nothing any thicker, but i would like to use 12's or even 13's so the drop tunings will hold better, andi like the slightly darker sound, and i don't really have a problem bending them, just practice that, and your fingers will get stronger

but it's all a matter of personal preference, go to a guitar store and try out a guitar with 10's or something to see how much you like it before you go through the trouble of adjusting your guitar for the new strings, just to figure out you like 11's better

EDIT: i believe that ATM i have 10's on my guitar, and i hate them... they're horribly loose and bend too easily for me
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i use 10s for standard, 9s feel too loose in anything lower than standard to me. for 1 step down 10s are great, 2 steps and they start to feel loose. i'd say just get a set and try it. you can always go back.
i've played 13's once. it hurt.
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If you are going to use 10's, be careful and ONLY tune them as high as how high you want them.

Lemme explain:

If you are going to be playing one step down on 10's, DON'T tune them up to standard

But the best strings for full step, 2 full steps, 12-52 and bigger.