hey guys so im putting up a new song...one that im sure will get me some strange looks and angry comments or something but whatever, music is it's own outlet, and im freakin tired of not saying anything...i wrote this song in response to basically seeing all the people around me saying all this bullshit, and a conversation i had with somebody who wanted to get me baptized so i would go to heaven.....so anyways the lyrics are pretty much the focal point of this song...but i did try and throw in some solos and stuff...and the fact that it's played on a 7-string is a bit different from most stuff i hear on here. And the title is a play on the first amendment to the constitution in which our freedoms of speech, peaceful assembly, right to petition the government, protest, and religion are ensured (here in america anyways)...instead of freedom "of" religion, im stating the freedom "from" religion.

but i'd love to hear everything you guys think, just please be respectful and i'll return the favor!

"Freedom From Religion"

and i really do wish i was in a band...it'd be nice to get some serious rocking done
It sounds pretty cool. I liked the song It's a Sad Thing, though because it sounded like dispatch. I'm listening to your other song now. It's not that catchy, but the lyrics are very original and creative. I like it because it's very true and I'm sure that this scenario. I love the part about "Jesus saves but only those with an open wallet and a closed mind." That is just probably the one of the best lyrics I've heard. Nice solo guitar playing, too. This was a great song. You should record it with a little better quality and add some drums and bass, and it would be sooooooo great. Great job with the lyrics! They are awesome. Keep it up. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
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your lead sounds a bit out of key. your vocals are alright. i'm not really a fan of christian haters. where God comes in, who knows. im agnostic.

christian haters? so when you speak out against something you know is wrong, and when you stand up for yourself, you're a hater? I don't "hate" christianity, i hate what it's done...i don't hate the idea of a christ or what he taught, i hate how people have misconstrued it....if i knew more about other world religions i'd probably speak on them too...after all, it is called the freedom FROM religion...and i dont hear how the lead sounds out of key maybe im missing something...
that sounded nice. the riff was really simple and i liked how you fit your lyrics in there which your lyrics were pretty original i must say. you sound a hell of a lot older than 17 and your vocals sounded good. the only thing i can really pick on is that i felt it started to drag on with the same riff for the verse but i definately can imagine a full band kicking in at the chorus at around 1:30 that would sound awesome and it ended well. good stuff
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Sorry to double-post, but if you ever want to do some collaboration, let me know because I would like to do that. I listened to all your other songs, and they are all awesome.

hey man thanks...yeah a collaboration would be cool...except i have no idea how to go about doing that
it just sounds a bit out of tune. i don't really want to get into a religious arguement, but when you say that God only saves those who are stupid and loaded, it comes across poorly.
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it just sounds a bit out of tune. i don't really want to get into a religious arguement, but when you say that God only saves those who are stupid and loaded, it comes across poorly.

....wow i guess this song is over your head then...first of all, the idea of god and jesus are very different...second of all, im saying the church offers "salvation" to those who walk in with money to give out (money is power) and who are close minded to all the ways of the world...to free thinking, to homosexuality, to different viewpoints on life and what makes it worth living, to different cultures like those in the middle east and africa...do you know how many people are convinced, THROUGH THE CHURCH that aids is a disease god created to punish homosexuals? it's rediculous, they dont know a thing about it, nor do most people know a thing about the history of what they are told...they just do it cause the ones before them did...it's like the short story "The Lottery"...look if you dont understand the song it's fine, but try to understand it before you call somebody a "hater"...that's a very unintelligent and slanderous remark in my opinion...and i tuned everything up before i started maybe i missed something a bit but so far you're the only one to say it
^ ya jables wins. respect to this guy he thinks about what he puts in lyrics. and holy crap i remember that short story! that story was ****ing intense, it sends shivers up my spine.
anyways...a different view point yes but you were tyring to deliver a message and i think you did it alright. i liked the daddy's daddy's part of the first verse. i'm not too aware of what's happening in the media but what did you mean by no rise and fall in the chorus? overall the song was pretty good. the only out of tune thing was probably one of those bends in the last chorus. good job on it, but it would be better with a full band and maybe getting heavier at the end. and it reminded me of crash test dummies. haha i dunno if you like em, i just remember hearing their songs as a kid.

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