I've been playing for a few years and so today I realized how weak my fingers are, every time i do legatos it isnt very loud, you guys know anything to practise to fix this?
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you know who puts great vibrato/emotion into his solos? michael amott! look him up on youtube.

use your whole hand when you do vibrato, kinda swivel it using your thumb as a guide, and use two fingers. heck, use three! maybe you knew this stuff already (in which case you just gotta build strength), but it's annoying when there are these "great" guitar players like the guy from Norther who still has this weak vibrato technique where they just wiggle their finger up and down
Get one of those Hand Strength GripMasters. Keep that thing in your car or wherever..... and squeeze on it as much as possible. After a couple of weeks you'll see a huge difference. Especially in your Pinky. Keep at it..... working on different fingers and combinations day after day and after a while you'll be on your way to stronger left hand in no time.

Another great exercise is to practice "Trills". basically bar your index finger along a fret and practice "trilling" your middle, ring, and pinky over and over again until your hand is burning. You can do this without plugging in..... doesn't exactly sound good..... but over and over.

Also if you have an acoustic handy.... slap some heavy guage strings on it and alternate between Electric and Acoustic.

As far as your legato...... remember than pull-offs and hammer-ons are exactly what they imply. You got to think of it as "slapping" your fingers onto your fretboard for Hammer-ons.... and making sure you "Pinch/Pull" the 1st not of the pull-off.....which is what will help resonate the second note in the sequence.....so forth and so on.

And lastly.... in addition to practice/practice/practice. Don't be afraid to PLAY your guitar..... I spent too much time in the past trying to "finesse"...playing too lightly.....afraid to "Rip it up" so to speak. Watch any good guitar player and they're wailing the dog-sh*t out of their guitar.
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Quote by JasonUGA311
Get one of those Hand Strength GripMasters. Keep that thing in your car or wherever..... and squeeze on it as much as possible. After a couple of weeks you'll see a huge difference. Especially in your Pinky. Keep at it..... working on different fingers and combinations day after day and after a while you'll be on your way to stronger left hand in no time.

while that helps, i have one, you notice some strength within the first week, but after a couple weeks, i acquired wrist problems, and have been dealing with the aftermath of that for quite a bit, i'd suggest against it, either that, or get one of the lighter kinds, i have the medium, and while they might feel weak, be aware that you're putting stress on your fingers and hands...
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I use the high strength gripmaster, can't see how it would give such bad muscle problems - especially if you've just used the medium one. Unless you had a lurking tendency towards arthritis or something.

I don't think it's fair to discourage the poster from using the gripmaster, I think you're very much in the minority if you've developed problems from it. The gripmaster is a good way of building up the finger strength needed for legato, alongside a program of exercises like the ones featured in the site i linked to.
It takes practise

Lots of It
i play from anywhere to 4-6 hours a day and it helps

Your only going to get better the more you play

legato is a tricky thing because you need alot of Finger Str and accuracy

Strat off slow then build up speed

No Use in wasting time we don't have to much to spare... Making a mistake is one thing because you can fix it through time but not avoiding a mistake because of lazyness is another thing....its just wasting time...

---> Try building speed from small exercises

6--5----6-------8------------------ ---------------------------
(once you have that down just move down the fret board AND remember USE the Right Fingers This is will be the "easy" exercise it involves using fingers 1-2-4
Index, Middle, Pinky

Your middle and index are going to be quite strong your pinky will most likly be your weakest but keep working on it.)

Another exercise that follows this same pattern is from the master him self Darrell.
You might have seen this before.

Con*#1 -h--h------h---h------h---h-------h---h

-If your not sure what this is from well this is from the solo Cowboys from Hell
Follows same pattern not to hard-


(hopefully you can follow that with ease i dont tab much :P
This will bring up str in your Index Ring and Pinky Finger's


good Luck and remmeber just practise.

NOTE*- DOnt Fall for those Grip masters and all that stuff its just sucking the money out of you if you want some str in those fine muscles of yours then here is a old trick that works better then those grip masters

-Take a small twig of wood at least 2-3 inch thick (if you have big hands like me then 5 inchs will do enough to get a good grip) Sand down the twig nice and smooth then tie some string to it at the end of the string put some sort of weight like a 2-3inch even 6-7 inch bolt for some weight and start to reel up the bolt on the string by only using your fingers *MAKE sure ur Wrist dose not move for best effect* at first your forearm muscles will hurt pritty bad after 3 spins (unless your physicaly fit) but to that everyday 3 times a day and soon you will be able to do about 25 spins in about a few weeks i can currently do 24-26 spins a day 2 times a day my arms get a good work out

This will increase your forearm str and fine tune those vital muscles that every guitarist needs.
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the man IV actually has somewhat good advice. the gripmaster WILL work out the muscles in your fingers. however his homemade device will work out the muscles in your forearms and your hands. a friend of mine used the device he suggested but replaced a bolt with a 1 liter jug of bottled water and it works wonderfully for him. i suggest a grip master too though as they do work.
stress balls are cheaper, more portable, and less potentially harmful than gripmasters.

heh I own those movie theatre grip tests though I can get it all the way to the top
that one legato website someone posted is great, thanks for posting it.
The "hand/finger/arm... strengtheners" are generally the wrong approach. You really
should think of them only to boost already good skill. The problem is, what generally
feels like a strength problem at first, is really just a skill problem. Without knowing
how to use the muscles efficiently to perform a task at first, you'll overcompensate
and over tense muscles. So, yeah, it will FEEL like a strength issue, but it's not.

Legato is exactly such a case. Do a slow pulloff or hammer on and use as LITTLE
muscle as possible. It takes almost NO effort to do those (if you do them right). At
faster speeds, it's really not much more effort. But when you start moving faster
and lose control, the fingers start working against each other. The result is weak
sounding legato (usually with mistakes) that feels like you'd need more strength.