I have:

Jackson Dinky DK2
H-S-S Duncan Designed Pickups
Licensed Floyd Rose
Sharkfin Inlays
Bolt On Neck
Not sure of the year

Looking for:
Jackson RR3
Used is probably all I can get

I'd prefer to stay around the Dallas/Fort Worth area and avoid shipping and all
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Are you willing to have someone buy it; or are you looking specifically for an RR3, and an RR3 only?
I would prefer to have a Jackson RR3 style, but not the JS30RR. I'm saying that because if I sold it I would be guitarless until I found an RR.

Oh and I forgot to add:

Scratches. There's mainly some on the front from the pick and random ones on the back (don't know how they got there)
One of the bolts on the neck wont go all of the way so one is poking out awkwardly.
Also, the floyd rose screws are a bit worn out so you can't really get an allen key to do the work for you, but I'll let you know how to do it.
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