I have a decent amount of guitars, amps, parts, and in general, equipment.

Amps/ Heads-

Crate GX 30M
Behringer 4 x 12" 100 watt (Bugera speakers)
Marshall MS4 - mini stack
Pig Nose (something)
Fender FM 100H
Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H


Epiphone Standard SG
Fender Standard Telecaster
Ibanez RG350MDX
Stellar (les paul knock off) w./ case
Takamine (???) 12 string acoustic/ electric


Behringer X V-AMP

Ok... so my question is, should I trade in all of that to Guitar Center? How much do you think I'll get for all that, roughly? With that money (and some extra) I want to buy a nice Fender Telecaster, and small tube combo amp.

NOT GC. Ebay is your best bet really.
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Don't sell it to a guitar shop...do craigslist or ebay.

I say sell everything except your takamine (if you would like) or your fender tele.
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dont trade it in! They will rip you off!! Keep the Ibanez** and 12 string, sell everything else, buy the Fender and get a fender Blues Jr

**Just in case other genres come up you know!
damn u got a lot of stuff haha. ya, dont try selling or trading it to GC unless you get a great deal. im sure they wont allow you to get that good of a deal but you can try if GC is near by.
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Ebay it is then. I think I will keep my 12 string, I forgot to leave that out of the post, lol. Any clue to how much I could get for that -- ball park?
Put it on craigslist or ebay if you want to get the maximum amount of dough, but it does take some effort and time on your part. If you're lazy just haul it all into your local GC or whatever shop is near. They will probably bust your balls on the price.
Why are you selling it?
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If that's what you want to do I'd suggest selling the stuff directly through eBay or something. I'd say keep the tele you have, but since you plan on getting a nicer one then by all means, do that.
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Why are you selling it?

Sorry... I was away from the computer.

I just moved, and have a smaller room. Also, I'm not in a band anymore (since I moved) so I don't need a cab./ two heads, etc. But overall I'm just looking to upgrade.

Thanks for the posts guys.
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how much would you want for that telecaster?

Just so you know, I took off the original blue paint, and put on a bunch of clear coats. So it's wood finished/ black pick guard. It's really nice though, I play that over any of my other guitars.

possibly $200, or whatever the asking price on ebay is now.
*(slightly lower since I changed it from it's original)

Guitarjunkie18@yahoo.com if your interested.