This is a beginner's question. When you're playing bass and playing multiple strings at the same time should you usually have them all ring at once? If not can someone explain how to avoid this? If this involves left hand dampening can someone explain how to play one note for its correct duration and then smoothly play the next note on another string. Thanks in advance for the help.
Well, I'm a guitarists but I think thats a problem that both guitarists and bassist experience.

If your playing other people music, listen to the song I figure out if the notes keep ringing, if not then obviously it is meant to be played like that (although it's you who are playing, so if it sounds good why not to do it?).

To keep them from ringing simply lift the finger which is fretting the non played note at the moment. You might also try not to lift it completly, but to leave it muting the string.

Other technic is palm muting. You simply rest the "outer" part of your picking hand's palm near the bridge in the string (or string) that is not being played.

If it is confuse, i'll try to explain it better =)

ADDED: lol, sorry but I read your question again and thought i missed one point: speed.

Remember: No speed IS too speed. Try to playing everything SLOWLY and PERFECT, then a LITTLE bit faster, and then a LITTLE bit faster until you get to the desired speed.

Don't try to play it at a given speed if it sounds sloppy (I'm sure it's the slopinnes your worried with)... learn it slow and perfect fist, then gradually increase speed. A Metronome might help =)
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Thanks but when I do this it makes a distinct staccato sound effect as opposed to a seemless but not quite legato sound which is, though I'm not sure what I think most bass playing is.
It all depends on the context of the song. It's very pretty to play each note of a chord individually as a pattern, letting them ring into eachother. However, it's also nice sometimes to hit the notes at the exact same time, giving a thick punch. However, what I do NOT this sounds good is to strum a bass chord like it was a guitar. It sounds very convoluted and doesn't lend itself well to a song. It sounds like the bass player's trying to be a guitarist. If you hit them all at once/individually, however, you get a wonderful sound.
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