So fender had that guitar, the starcaster, that stopped being manufactured in the 80's.
a few months ago @ costco, i saw this guitar "Fender Starcaster" that looks just like a stratocaster (nothing like the old starcaster), but the head says "Starcaster by Fender" cheap guitar, so i bought it just for fun. It came with a small amp, bag, the works..
anyways, i later returned it, didnt like the feel of finish on the neck.

but does anyone know ANYTHING about these guitars?? are they the same thing as a squire stratocaster? I couldnt find any info on this guitar other on the costco website, or reviews by people who got it at costco.
I got that for christmas 2 years ago I broke 3 months ago so I got a new Ibanez STAY away from thoes cheep strat copys they suck! That is all I know about them. I took mine apart it is sitting in a box in my room.
I have one. Everybody talks how shitty they are, when they probably havnt even played one. I like mine a lot. I go to guitar shops all the time and play epiphones, deans, hell even gibsons, and I honestly dont think they play any better than mine. My guitar teacher also says my guitar plays just as good as his and he has a MIA strat. I have spent a lot of time setting it up and its payed off. oh, and the website for the guitars is are:


mine has the triangle headstock, but they have now switched it the a more fender looking headstock.
I've played one for a few hours before, and let me tell you.

That thing's got the worst tone, worst action, and worst FEEL than any guitar I've played before.

Funny thing is, when you switch out the pups and set it up, it sounds like a dream. Still feels kind of cheap though.

I've played it before. I would recommend a squier over a starcaster anyday because of that "cheap" feeling the starcaster carries with it, and because stock pickups on it aren't as good as a squier.
ehh...I have one of these...Pretty nifty,better than my washburn.I would say its squire quallity but who knows.Its a decent guitar.Does what I need it to do I supose.Sounds good to me anyway.Its not the best out there but its far from the worst.I think I got mine for...$120 used,Im happy with it.It could use some decent pickups though.