I've been playing guitar for a couple months and fortunatley all the practice is starting to pay off. Im looking to get more into the technical aspects of guitar but its all so overwhelming, even this board is overwhelming with all the different topics. I subscribed to guitar world magazine and dont understand some of the terms with all the different kind of guitars and amps. I feel kind of dumb saying this but where the hell do I being to learn about equipment and sound and everything? any suggestions?
my first suggestion would be this is the wrong forum. Its for people who are new to the site and have questions about it, not if you are new to guitar.
Try looking under Guitar Gear & Accessories
I think the best way to learn about that is reading reviews.

If your reading a review and dont know what a given term means, google it!

For exemple, you wanna know about tube amps: Google for one tube amp, then read reviews and you'll see people who says: "humm, these other amp is better"... read that other amp's review.

In a flash you'll know what to say if someone ask you: "Hey dude! I play metal! Is this tube suitable for me?"!

And, if you still don't understand something, ask here =)
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yeah slowly start to pick stuff up really thats what i do and when you think your ready for maybe a new guitar or amp and dont know half the terms that is what the associate is there for only dont go into the store ask about A BILLION questions and then say alright thanks then leave because they get paid on commision and if you're not gonna buy anything GEt OUT! (or so they told me)
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