well do you have any other ideas for about $1200 on a head and $1200 on a cab (canadian)
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Yorkville is actually pretty good, but I don't see why your friend would want a 4x10 AND a 2x10 w/ a 1x15. Why not just get the 4x10 and a single 15"?
Look at the Ashdown ABM range
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I think your friend needs to make a UG account.

Anywho, Yorkville does make some quality gear, but unless he really needs that kind of power it's a bit of a waste of money. I agree with indie, the Ashdown ABM series is quality gear, lots of pros use them. Or even check out SWR, they make some awesome stuff too, heads and cabs.
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If you're pumping out that kind of money, I would buy an Ampeg SVT-4 Pro and an Ampeg 8x10 classic. If he's able to spend $1200 on a head and $1200 on a cab, the $1300-$1400 head should work out with the $1000 cab. That would be a mean rig.
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