Well guys, I have been playing guitar for a little bit over a year, and absolutely love listening to guitar players that really have something to get across with their instrument. I just finished reading a new Rolling Stones article on the 20 new Guitar Gods, and since then have been reading on people's opinions of guitar greats. Myself, am in love with the likes of Hendrix, Frusciante and the new Mayer, but have read a lot of people saying how they totally respect or love Cobain and/or Jack White. Now other then singles, I've never really listened to either of these guys, but people seem pretty strong on their unique/talented guitar work.

Now first, I know Kurt didn't put out a lot of technically amazing riffs, but he obviously had a unique, stirring guitar in some way, same with Jack White.

Could you guys, if you know any, recommend some songs from these two that would help me understand what makes these guys special, I figure theres gotta be some fans in the UG forum.
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cobain to me wasnt just guitar prowess
it was his lyrics and voice that did it all
not everything awesome in music is guitar based
listen to stuff from Bleach or In Utero by Nirvana, Incesticide has some good stuff, too, Nevermind has good stuff, but it's more pop-sounding, so most people wouldn't really consider it quite as good, although i like it, and some of the songs do have very interesting guitar parts
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Jack White is an amazing guitarist, listen to The Racontuers listen to the solo on "Level" that should show you some of what the man can do and also try "Blues Veins" Kurt Cobain wasn't on the list and cant be because well... he's dead.

Edit: to the guy the Frusciante= noob heaven your very wrong.

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some white stripes songs are pretty much the whole elephant album.
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jack white + kurt cobain + John Frusciante = noob heaven

Jack White and Kurt Cobain, maybe

but John Frusciante = awesome
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not a big fan of jack white, but kurt cobain is one of my favorite song writers here's a good list (it might be a bit long):

About a Girl
All apologies
You know You're Right
Heart-shaped Box
Oh the Guilt
Milk It
Been a Son
In Bloom
Floyd the Barber
Negative Creep
Something in the way (best nirvana song ever IMO)

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In terms of Jack White, White Stripes songs like Seven Nation Army and The Hardest Button to Button should give u a good idea of why Jack White is considered a modern guitar hero, Jacks new band The Raconteurs has great duel guitar work by White and his bandmate Brendan Benson, the songs Steady as She Goes is a good one to check out. Kurt Cobain basically brought grunge guitar into being mainstream, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, and In Bloom are among his most popular riffs, and the Nirvana MTV Unplugged performance is among the best of that particular show.