So, I enjoy MCR's music SO MUCH, that I just had to make another cover. I finished it, like, an hour ago. Again, it's another late-night recording as I started it yesterday night.


Thaaaanks AGAIN.

Instrumental Cover:

Full Cover:

If you want the Drum Track that I made for it....
Leave a comment, and I'll upload it for you!

The lead guitar in this is kinda WHACK. I could have done a better job.... but, I got lazy ... I'm sorry.

It was made for all you MCR fans out there... AND in celebration of getting tickets to see them on May 11, 2007 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

The vocals were done on my first day of my reading week. Pretty good, I think. The song wasn't exactly made for a girl to sing. tee hee.... oh, well.
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Could you possibly do Thank you for the venom sometime?