hey i was wondering if anyone knows what would happen if i completely removed my tone pot from my guitar and re-connected the wires that were left. would my guitar still work? if it did still work, would the tone be affected at all?
the reason i want to do this is because i keep my tone all the way up 24/7, and it just gets in the way as it is very close to my e string, so if anyone has an answer to this please share
yes, it would sound more or less like the tone all the way up. maybe a bit more trebley.

It is not hard to do, either.
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The tone would be affected because each pot you've got connected cuts some of the high-end, even if its turned all the way up it still does. It would work however.
if it gets in the way, then switch it with the volume pot...easier access to it
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Yeah, aren't tone pots farthest from the strings?
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you could just drop it down iinto the cavity and tape it down so it would have no affect
Carousel has the best idea, then if you want it back, you've got it.

Failing that, and you want to make a proper job of it, i.e. filling the hole. Then you could measure the resistance of the pot across the middle and outside wiper and just solder in a metal film resistor in its place of that value. Problem solved.